Award and Recognition

Year 2013
Corporate Image Award 2013
Awarded the Corporate Image Award 2013 by Bloomberg Businessweek magazine and Frontier Consulting Group for “The Best in Building and Managing Corporate Image” in Heavy Equipment Leasing category, based on the Indonesia’s Most Admired Companies (IMAC) 2013 survey results.
Multifinance Company with Excellent Financial Performance in 2012 and ranked Top Ten of The Best Multifinance Company by Infobank magazine.
Rekor Bisnis (Business Record or “ReBi”)
Awarded the 2013 Rekor Bisnis (Business Record or “ReBi”) by Tera Foundation, Seputar Indonesia Daily and supported by Frontier Consulting Group as “Multifinance Company with the Most Comprehensive ‘One Stop Service’ of Telecentre Services in Indonesia”
Tokoh Finansial Indonesia (Indonesia’s Financial Figure)
Awarded the 2013 Tokoh Finansial Indonesia (Indonesia’s Financial Figure) by Investor magazine presented to Mr. Francis Lay Sioe Ho, Presiden Director of BFI, in which he was nominated as the “Top Executive of Multifinance Company”.
Other Award