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8 Examples of Salary Slips and Other Components, Complete!

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9 May 2023
8 Examples of Salary Slips and Other Components, Complete!

A salary slip is an important document that has many uses apart from showing information about the amount of salary received by an employee.

In this article, the BFI Finance Team will invite you to get to know more closely what a payslip is and some examples of payslips in Indonesia. Without waiting for a long time, come on, let's look at the explanation in this one article!


1. Definition of Salary Slip

Before discussing examples of salary slips, it's good for us to know in advance what is meant by a salary slip.

A salary slip or payslip is an important document given by an employer to an employee as proof that the employee's rights have been granted. This one document is obtained together with the payment of salaries or wages received for a month.

It contains some important confidential information, such as basic salary, income deductions, taxes, bonuses, and so on.

Salary slips have quite crucial uses. Apart from being used as a reference for concrete proof of payment information, payslips are often used as a condition for applying for loans at non-bank financial institutions, banks, and finance companies.

2. Salary Slip Regulation

In Indonesia, there are regulations that have been set by the government that regulate salary slips. This regulation is contained in Government Regulation No. 78 of 2015 concerning remuneration.

The regulation states that "Employers are required to provide proof of payment of wages which contains details of the wages received by the worker/laborer at the time the wages are paid."

In addition, the rules governing the obligation to grant salary rights to employees along with the details are regulated in the Manpower Law No. 13 of 2003.

The rule reads, "The rights of workers or laborers who are received and expressed in the form of money as compensation from employers or employers to workers or laborers/laborers are determined and paid according to a work agreement, agreement, or laws and regulations, including benefits for workers/workers and their families for a job and/or service that has been or will be performed.

Reporting to the website, there are sanctions that apply to companies or employers who do not fulfill their obligations in providing wages/salaries. This regulation is regulated in Article 37 of the Minister of Manpower Regulation No. 20 of 2016 concerning Procedures for Imposing Administrative Sanctions on PP Wages.

"Entrepreneurs who do not fulfill their obligations to provide proof of payment of wages as referred to in Article 36 are subject to administrative sanctions in the form of a written warning. The administrative sanction in the form of a written warning is valid until the entrepreneur's obligation to provide proof of payment of wages as referred to in Article 36 is fulfilled.

3. Salary Slip Function

In addition to the rules that require employers or companies to provide payslips to workers, payslips have quite a variety of functions. Before getting to know examples of existing payslips, let's look at some of the following crucial functions.

3.1. Authentic Evidence of Employee Rights Has Been Paid

Salary slips are authentic proof or legal evidence that the employer or company has paid their obligations to employees or workers.

3.2. Detailed Information Regarding Paid Salaries/Entitlements (details of funds and deductions, including tax deductions)

For employees or workers, having a payslip is very helpful in understanding the details of the salary received, such as basic salary, tax deductions, BPJS deductions, benefits, and so on.

The existence of this slip is also concrete evidence that there is an error in receiving the nominal salary and other things that might happen.

3.3. One of the Document Requirements in Submitting a Loan/Credit

Salary slips are often used as one of the requirements that need to be completed for those who wish to apply for a credit or loan. Generally, this requirement is used to see the ability to pay prospective debtors and avoid bad credit.

3.4. For Salary Negotiations in a New Workplace

In many companies, salary slips are often used as an administrative requirement for negotiating salaries before prospective employees enter into a cooperation contract. Later, the pay slip at the previous place will be used as a benchmark in determining the new salary.

4. Salary Slip Writing Format

Basically, every company or workplace has a different format for writing payslips, depending on the policies that apply in that place. However, in general, payslips and examples of payslips that exist consist of the following important components.

4.1. Company Name and Logo

This section is important to be embedded in the payslip as an identification of the company that issued the document and is valid proof if the document is made legally (original).

4.2. Employee Identity (Name, Title, Employee Number, and Others)

Filled with complete details regarding employees who have received salaries from the employer. This section is also a differentiator between one employee and another.

4.3. Payment Date

In addition, there is also other important information such as payment dates and employee data in the form of NPWP.

4.4. Document Confidentiality Statement

A salary slip is a personal document that is confidential (private and confidential). This means that the document cannot be accessed by anyone other than the employee concerned or those who have been fully trusted.

4.5. Total Salary Earned and Deductions

Information that one is mandatory to include in the payslip. Total salary includes the amount of basic salary received, allowances, incentives or bonuses.

Meanwhile, salary deductions include BPJS Health and BPJSTK, taxes, cooperative membership fees, and so on.

4.6. Complete Payment Information

Finally, the pay slip must contain complete payment information contained in it. Such as current annual income before tax and after-tax deductions, information on tax deductions, benefits, overtime, and other deductions, as well as the account number and name of the bank that receives the salary.

5. Important Components in the Salary Slip

There are several important components contained in a payslip. Among other things, it includes the following five things.

1. Basic Salary

2. Allowances (Fixed and Variable)

3. Compulsory Deductions (Taxes, BPJS, and Others)

4. Company Bonuses

5. Overtime pay

6. Some Examples of Commonly Used Salary Slips

Reporting from various sources, here is an example of a payslip that you can use as a reference.

1. Simple Employee Salary Slip

contoh slip gaji karyawan sederhana

Image Source:

2. SOE Employee Salary Slips

contoh slip gaji karyawan bumn

Image Source:

3. Salary Slips for Private Employees

contoh slip gaji swasta

Image Source:

4. PNS Salary Slip

contoh slip gaji pns

Image Source:

5. Honorary Salary Slip

contoh slip gaji guru honorer

Image Source:

6. Shop Employee Salary Slips

contoh slip gaji karyawan toko

Image Source:

7. Pertamina Employee Salary Slips

contoh slip gaji karyawan pertamina

Image Source:

8. School Teacher Salary Slip

contoh slip gaji guru sekolah

Image Source:

BFI friends, that's an explanation of the salary slip example. Hopefully this information will help you understand what a payslip is, the components in it, as well as some examples of payslips in Indonesia.


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