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Freelancer Financial Tips: Prepare a Retirement Fund

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17 November 2021
Freelancer Financial Tips: Prepare a Retirement Fund

Everyone certainly hopes to live a comfortable and prosperous life in old age. Including those of you who are currently working as freelancers or freelancers. Check out the following financial tips to prepare a retirement fund to prosper in old age.

Whatever your profession, of course, there will come a time when you have to stop working because of circumstances. Naturally, the level of productivity in old age also decreases, so you cannot actively work and earn maximum income. Unlike employees who may still receive pension benefits, freelancers do not. However, at the same time, you still have to make ends meet.

However, it does not mean that a freelancer cannot live prosperously in old age. Even if there is no retirement benefit, you can still live prosperously in the future. The trick is to prepare and manage finances as well as possible from an early age.

Check out the following reviews to prepare a retirement fund for freelancers!

Estimated Pension Fund Needs

The first step you can take is to estimate the need for retirement funds from an early age. The way to find out is to determine your retirement age, assumed life expectancy, daily living costs, and the time you need to prepare for your retirement needs.

Prepare a Fundraising Strategy

After knowing your estimated retirement fund needs, the next step is to determine a fundraising strategy. There are various strategies you can do. First, set aside some of your income for long-term investment instruments. For example, mutual funds, stocks, long-term bonds, property, and so on.

Second, participate in the BPJS Employment Old Age Security (JHT) program independently.

For freelancers, JHT BPJS Ketenagakerjaan membership requires you to deposit a contribution of 2% of the reported income.

Third, open a personal Financial Institution Pension Fund (DPLK) account. You can deposit funds and manage them by DPLK management into investment instruments in the long term. At retirement age, you can take these funds and buy an annuity product that provides regular income every month.

Healthy Personal Finance

Lastly, you should make sure that your current personal financial situation is healthy enough to make it easier to get started. You can start by paying attention to the adequacy of an emergency fund. Try to set aside a portion of your income regularly for an emergency fund.

Also, pay attention to your current debt burden. Try to keep the installment burden so that it is no more than 30% of your regular income. And make sure to owe to a trusted financing company, so that your financial situation is maintained.

Those are some tips that you can do to collect retirement funds. Whatever your financial needs, BFI Finance is the solution. Get a loan in a fast time just by pledging your vehicle's BPKB or home certificate, and of course, the process is safe with low interest.

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