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Tips on Turning an Old Residence Into a Dream Place

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9 August 2023
Tips on Turning an Old Residence Into a Dream Place

Home Renovations: Tips on Turning an Old Residence Into a Dream Place


1. Wise Choice of Renewing Residential

Home renovation is a process that involves changing or repairing an existing home. This is done to increase the comfort, functionality and beauty of the dwelling. Home renovation can be a wise choice if you want to renew the appearance of an old house into a modern residence that suits your lifestyle. Before starting a home redemption project, there are a few steps you need to take to make sure everything goes smoothly and according to plan:

1.1 Careful planning:

Identify the area or part of the house you want to renovate. Make a priority list of improvements and set a realistic budget for each section. If needed, consult an architect or interior designer to help you better plan your renovation.

1.2 Choose a Renovation Style:

Determine what style or theme you want to apply in your home renovation. Do you want a modern, classic, minimalist look, or maybe a mix of styles?

1.3 Know the Rules and Permit Zoning:

Make sure that your planned renovation complies with local zoning rules and building codes. If necessary, obtain permission from the authorities before starting renovations.

1.4 Get to know some common steps in the renovation process

Home renovation involves a variety of jobs and processes, depending on the room or area being remodeled. Here are some common steps in the remodeling process:

1.5 Demolition:

If the renovation includes major changes, such as moving or removing wall, the first step is to remove the existing parts according to plan.

1.6 Structure and Installation: 

Make sure the housing structure is in good condition before proceeding with a new installation. Repair damaged parts and make sure electrical, water, and other system installations work properly.

1.7 Wall and Floor Finishing:

Once the structure is ready, enhance the walls and floors with materials that suit your chosen interior design.


1. 8Interior Work:

Install electrical devices, lighting installations, and HVAC systems. Complete the room with wall coverings, floor tiles, and ceilings.


1.9 Interior Design:

Choose furniture, decorations and accessories according to the desired style. Make sure the interior space reflects your personality and taste.


2. Guidance to Choose the Right Home Renovation Material


Choosing a home renovation material is an important step in creating satisfying and long-lasting results. Various factors need to be considered so that your home will become a comfortable, safe, and beautiful place. Here are some things that must be considered in choosing home renovation materials


2.1 Quality of Materials

Consider always choosing good quality materials. Quality materials will ensure a more durable finish and minimal maintenance. In addition, quality materials also contribute to increasing the property value of your home.


2.2 Function and Use

Consider the function of the room and the use of the material to be selected. Some materials are better suited for areas with high traffic, such as floors or stairs, while others are suitable for walls or ceilings. Make sure the material chosen is in accordance with the needs and activities in each room.


2.3 Budget

Determine your renovation budget before selecting materials. Make sure you choose the material that fits the budget that has been set. Choose materials at a reasonable price but still of high quality so that the results of the renovation will not disappoint.


2.4 Durability and Maintenance

Check the durability of the material you are going to use. Some materials require special care to maintain their quality, while others are relatively easy to maintain. Consider how much time and effort you can put into maintaining the material.


2.5 Aesthetics and Design

It is important to consider the suitability of the material for the design and style of your home. Make sure the material you choose enhances the aesthetics of the room and matches your personal taste.


2.6 Strength and Security

Pay attention to the strength and safety of the materials you will use, especially if you are planning a structural renovation. Make sure the material can support the given load and meet applicable safety standards.


2.7 Availability of Materials

Make sure the material you choose is easily available in the local market. If the desired material is difficult to find, there may be difficulties in the renovation process if damage occurs or repairs are needed.


2.8 Environmental Impact

Today, more and more people are becoming aware of the environmental impact of home renovations. Consider choosing environmentally friendly and recyclable materials if possible.


2.9 Recommendations and Proposals

Find out about other people's experiences with certain materials. Read reviews and recommendations from previous users to understand more about the advantages and disadvantages of the material you are considering.


2.10 Consult an Expert:

If you are still unsure about choosing renovation materials, don't hesitate to consult with experts or professionals in the field of home renovation. They can provide valuable advice based on your needs and budget.



3. Things to Look For in Compiling a Home Renovation Budget

Home renovation is an exciting process but it can also be a challenging task, especially when it comes to finances. Changing or repairing a house requires good budget planning so that the project runs smoothly without exceeding the set budget. Here are seven things to consider when preparing a home renovation budget:


3.1 Identify and Prioritize Needs:

Before starting your renovation, determine what you want to achieve through this project. Identify areas or parts of the house that need attention first. For example, do you want to change floors, update your kitchen, or expand a room. Prioritize work based on interests and available budget.


3.2 Careful Planning:

A good renovation starts with careful planning. Make a detailed list of all the work and materials needed. Get cost estimates from several contractors or service providers so you can have a better idea of ​​the overall budget.


3.3 Budget Additional Expenses:

Always consider additional or unforeseen expenses in your budget. Many renovation projects face unforeseen challenges, such as structural problems or other repairs that need to be done. Set about 10-20% of the total budget for this reserve.


3.4 Selecting the Right Material:

Choose a material that fits your budget and project needs. You don't always have to choose the most expensive material; sometimes there are more economical options without sacrificing quality. Discuss with contractors or building experts to get the right advice on material choices.


3.5 Choose a Trusted Contractor:

If you use contractor services, make sure to choose a trusted and experienced contractor. Check references and see previous projects the contractor has completed. Choose a contractor who is able to work according to the set budget and schedule.


4.6 Understand Licensing and Rules:

Make sure you understand all permits and rules that apply to your renovation project. Some projects may require a permit from the local government or homeowners association. Ignoring this aspect can lead to legal issues and additional costs down the road.


4.7 Expenditure Control:

During the renovation process, it is necessary to constantly monitor and control your expenses. Record all costs incurred and compare with the budget that you have made. If there is a difference, immediately find a solution to avoid a significant increase in budget.


With good planning and careful supervision, you can set a realistic home renovation budget and avoid unwanted financial troubles. A home renovation should be a long-term investment that increases the value of your property, and budgeting properly is an important first step in achieving that goal. To realize your home renovation fund, you can submit it to…..


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