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Here's a Practical Way to Calculate Motorcycle Tax Fines

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22 September 2022
Here's a Practical Way to Calculate Motorcycle Tax Fines

Paying motorized vehicle tax (PKB) is the obligation of all motorized vehicle users, both two-wheeled and four-wheeled. Unfortunately, because it is only done once a year, not a few people are actually late in carrying out their obligations. As a result, they are charged with paying motor tax fines.

Well, for those of you who feel late in paying taxes, this article will really help you in calculating the number of fees that need to be paid. Here's how to calculate it.


How to Calculate Motorcycle Tax Fines

Motor vehicle tax has been regulated in Law no. 28 of 2009 concerning Regional Taxes and Levies. In addition, a more complete discussion regarding the motor vehicle tax (PKB) is contained in articles 3 to 8 in which the motor vehicle tax calculation is attached.

Then, how much do you need to pay the motor tax fine? Basically, the amount that needs to be paid for motorbike tax penalties is influenced by several things, such as the type of vehicle and the length of arrears. If you are late paying taxes one day, you will usually be compensated, aka free of fines.

The calculation of motor tax fines refers to the calculation below.

  • The fine for the lateness of 2 days to 1 month is PKB X 25%

  • Late penalty of more than 2 months = PKB X 25% X 2/12 + SWDKLLJ fine

  • Fine for more than 3 months late = PKB X 25% X 3/12 + fine SWDKLLJ

  • Late penalty of more than 6 months = PKB X 25% X 12/12 + SWDKLLJ fine

  • Fine for overdue 1 year = PKB X 25% X 12/12 + fine SWDKLLJ

  • Fine for overdue 2 years = 2 X PKB X 25% X 12/12 + fine SWDKLLJ

  • Fine for overdue 3 years = 3 X PKB X 25% X 12/12 + SWDKLLJ fine


PKB = Motor Vehicle Tax

SWDKLLJ = Mandatory Contribution of Road Traffic Accident Funds

The amount of SWDKLLJ for motorbikes is IDR 32,000

If you are still confused with the calculations above, consider this one example.

For example, your motorcycle tax is IDR 327,000 and you have been late in paying taxes for two months. Then the calculation of the fine is as follows Rp327,000 x 25% x 2/12 + Rp32,000. The total fine for late payment of motorbike tax that you have to pay is IDR 45,625

Easy Ways to Check Motorcycle Tax Fines

Curious about the range of motor tax fines you have to pay? Now you can check it online and from anywhere, no need to bother coming to Samsat. Follow these easy steps.

Check on the E-Samsat Site

The first way that you can take it easy and simply is by accessing the e-samsat website.

1. Visit your domicile e-samsat site

2. In the column provided, enter your vehicle's license plate number

3. Next, enter your NIK (Population Identity Number)

4. Wait a moment until your screen displays data related to your vehicle, complete with the amount of the motor tax fine that has not been paid

Check Via SMS

Running out of quota, network problems, or the site you are going to experience problems? You can use this method as an alternative to check the number of motor tax fines. Here's how:

1. Make sure you know your domicile SMS service number

As an example:

  • DKI Jakarta: type Metro (space) your Vehicle Police Number, send it to 1717
  • West Java: type poldajbr (space) Your Vehicle Police Number, send to 3977
  • East Java: type JATIM (space) Your Vehicle Police Number, send to 7070

2. Wait a while

3. Then you will get a reply SMS regarding the nominal motor tax fine

How to Pay Motorcycle Tax Fines

Thanks to technological innovations that are getting better, you can now pay motorbike tax penalties in two methods. First, pay fines in a conventional way or offline. Second, pay motorcycle taxes online. As for how you can follow the following procedure.

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Pay Tax Fines Offline

Paying taxes offline is a conventional way that is generally done by many people. In this way you can pay the fine in at least 3 different places, namely:

1. Samsat outlet

2. Mobile Samsat

3. Samsat Headquarters / Main Samsat

In addition, you are also required to bring the following documents.

1. Motorbike STNK and its photocopy

2. Motorized Vehicle Owner's Book (BPKB) and its photocopy

3. Identity card (KTP) of the vehicle owner and a photocopy of it

For the payment procedure, you can directly visit the existing registration counter and fill out the motorbike tax fine payment form. The officer will first check the motor tax fine that you have for further summons and you are asked to make a payment.

Pay Tax Fines Online

For those of you who live in Jakarta and don't want to bother waiting in line or don't have the time to go to Samsat on weekdays, you can follow this method of paying motorcycle tax fines online. Here's how:

1. Download the Samsat Online application on Playstore and App Store

2. Click the downloaded application and register immediately

3. Fill in all the requested data starting from the police number, NIK, and the last 5 digits of your vehicle's frame number

4. Re-check the completeness of your data then click 'Continue'

5. Wait a moment until the system finishes processing your data

6. When finished, your screen will display complete data related to your motor vehicle, complete with the nominal motor tax fine that must be paid

7. After that the pay code will appear. Keep in mind, this code is only valid for 2 hours. Therefore, immediately complete the payment through a bank or other merchant

8. When it is finished, you will be sent an e-Authorization of STNK and e-BPKB via an expedition service to the address you entered earlier

Causes of Late Payment of Motor Taxes

Various factors can be the reason why someone can be late paying motorbike taxes. Some of the factors that generally occur are as follows.

1. Forgot to Pay

One of the most common factors for many people is forgetting. Forgetting can be caused by various reasons, including not making an agenda or schedule for paying taxes, not being reminded, or being too busy with other matters.

2. Busy

Everyone has the same amount of time which is 24 hours a day. Even so, many of us have extra busyness which results in some things getting out of hand. This resulted in not allowing him to pay taxes on time.

If paying taxes offline is not possible, you can try an easy alternative to paying taxes through Samsat Online. So, you can still pay taxes on time and don't have to spend more to pay motorbike tax penalties.

3. Don't Have Enough Funds To Pay Taxes

One of the factors that prevent someone from paying motorbike taxes on time is the lack of adequate funds. This of course can happen to anyone, especially if we experience a disaster that requires a lot of money.

The tips that you can do to prevent this from happening are:

1. Separate the money for paying taxes with other needs

2. Manage monthly cashflow in such a way

3. If you have to, you can borrow first

4. Vehicles still have credit status or have not been paid off

The following last factor generally occurs in vehicle owners with the status of purchasing a vehicle from a second party that has not been transferred to the motorcycle name. Thus, taking care of vehicle taxes is hampered because it requires data from previous vehicle owners, especially ID cards.

Sobat BFI, that's the information related to how to pay motorbike tax fines. The number of fees to be paid can vary depending on how long the delay is. So, make sure to always pay your motorbike tax on time so you don't have to pay extra just to pay a fine. Hopefully,v this information can be useful.

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