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Regular Motorcycle Packages - Application for BPKB Motor Guarantee Loans

You can apply for a motorcycle BPKB guarantee loan in your own name or someone else's at BFI Finance. Check the terms and conditions below.

Regular Motorcycle Packages - Application for BPKB Motor Guarantee Loans

Apply for a loan guaranteed by BPKB Motor at BFI Finance. You can apply even if the tax is dead and the BPKB is still in someone else's name. See detailed information below.

Here are the Terms and Conditions:

  1. The application is valid for New Debtors or Old Debtors at BFI Finance.

  2. Indonesian Citizen (WNI).

  3. 21-65 years old

  4. Status of residence of the house itself, spouse, parents, and contract. (Specifically for the Denpasar area, boarding is allowed)

  5. This type of work applies to all professions, except Ojek Online, and the type of business/profession violates the law.


Vehicle Profile:

  1. Motorcycles are self-owned vehicles with Original BPKB.

  2. BPKB can be in the name of yourself / spouse / someone else. If in the name of a PT (Please attach a Letter of Release)

  3. The maximum vehicle age is 13 years (Minimum 2009 vehicle year), only valid for Japanese brands

  4. STNK / Tax on behalf of yourself or someone else with a condition that is still active or tax is dead for a maximum of 4 years


Other Terms:

  1. Disbursement of 70% funds applies if BPKB is in its own name
  2. The 65% disbursement applies if the maximum age of the vehicle is 13 years or the vehicle year is 2010
  3. Disbursement of 65% funds applies if the BPKB is in the name of another person
  4. Application tenor 6-18 months


Come on, immediately apply for a loan with your BPKB Motor guarantee at BFI Finance by filling out the following form.

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