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Mobil Express Packages - Car BPKB Guarantee Loans

Apply for a BPKB Mobil express loan guarantee, disburse up to 150 million!

Mobil Express Packages - Car BPKB Guarantee Loans

Get a BPKB Car guarantee fund loan, tomorrow it can be approved if the requirements are complete and disbursement of up to IDR 150 million by fulfilling the following conditions.

Here are the Terms and Conditions:

  1. Submission of Express Packages applies to submissions with the Car BPKB Guarantee.
  2. The application is valid for New Debtors or Old Debtors at BFI Finance.
  3. For New Debtors and Old Debtors, the maximum amount of financing is IDR 150 million.
  4. Indonesian Citizen (WNI).
  5. Minimum age 21 and maximum 65 years (until full payment)
  6. If the debtor is 18-21 years old, it is mandatory to have income and married status.
  7. Status of residence of the house itself, spouse, or parents.
  8. The debtor's domicile address on the KTP is the same as the address on the Proof of Home Ownership.
  9. This type of work applies to all professions, except those listed in the APU PPT and risky professions regulated in PP OJK.


Profil Kendaraan:

  1. The car is a self-owned vehicle with Original BPKB

  2. BPKB can be in the name of yourself or a partner

  3. Vehicle Age

    - Maximum 15 years (Minimum Year 2007 Vehicle for a sedan, jeep, and minibus types)

    - Maximum 10 years (Minimum 2012 Vehicle Year for pick-up cars and trucks)

  4. STNK / Tax is mandatory in his own name and still valid

  5. Black Plate

  6. Yellow Plate (Truck Only)

  7. Unacceptable (non-eligible condition)

    - Red plate vehicle

    - Vehicle was once used as a taxi or ambulance


Other Terms:

  1. Minimum disbursement of IDR 100 million and maximum of IDR 150 million

  2. Tenor 12 - 36 months or 3 years


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