Customer's Testimonials

Yoyok Windu S.

Yoyok Windu S. Entrepreneur in Logistics and Truck Transportations “Harmoni Tata Transport” Customer of Four-Wheel Vehicle Financing

An entrepreneur of logistics service and truck transportations located in Pakis Area, Malang, East Java. He has known BFI since four years ago, in around 2010. He was helped by his wife in running the business. In accordance with the development of his logistics service and truck transportations, Yoyok needs a business partner that can help him in procuring more capital so as to meet the increasing number of his customers. The capital will be used for maintenance cost of his vehicles. Broken vehicles due to lack of maintenance means less income for his business. Whereas, well-maintained vehicles are the key factor in order to keep his business up and running. Transportation and logistics service depends heavily on the trusts from customers as well as the timeliness of delivery of goods to the destinations.

Yoyok acknowledges that he is helped greatly through the financing service from BFI, particularly in the good service quality from its employees, quick application process without any difficulty whatsoever in document requirements, as well as quick disbursement process. Similar to the financing business of the Company that prioritizes the satisfaction of its customers, Yoyok also seeks the same matter regarding his business. Trust from his customers that enable his business to continue developing up to present. He is really grateful for the financing service of the Company and he expects that they can remain as business partners in the following years.

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