Customer's Testimonials

Robby Muliawan

Robby Muliawan Owner of Event Organizer Customer of Four-Wheeler Financing

Mr. Robby Muliawa first knew BFI from one of the marketing staff of BFI in 2012. He initially needed financing for residential development project. In line with the development of the event organizer business that he manages, Mr. Robby now needs more financing to support his growing business in the past two years. He chose BFI for tis satisfactorily quality service, especially for its speed to process application and disburse the loan. Speed is the factor that becomes his main consideration to choose BFI, as his event organizer business is naturally a fast moving and a very dynamic business. Thus, quick decision-making process is required.

Mr. Robby expects that BFI can always maintain this good customer service quality by meeting the service quality standard, supported by the quality human resources that are committed to serving BFI's customers with empathy and continuously upholding professionalism while working.

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