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Drs. Paulus Sudiyo

Drs. Paulus Sudiyo Owner of "Hartono Motor" Showroom Semarang, Central Java

Mr. Drs. Paulus Sudiyo is ex-High Schoolteacher and employee of PT Freeport Indonesia located in Mimika Regency, Papua Province, from 1975 until 1988. While working there, he got a moral calling to develop the youth generation of Papua to earn better educational quality in hopes of developing Papua's region accordingly. He is now domiciled in Semarang, Central Java, and manages a foundation that accommodates youth generation of Papua who are graduates of High School and Vocational School, to attend intensive training program before pursuing higher education in various universities in Java Island. This foundation is managed in cooperation with PT Freeport Indonesia where Local Government of Papua donates fund to manage the foundation.

Mr. Paulus knew BFI in 2013 through SMS Blast facility that once sent message on the financing service from the Company that was mentioned in the message that he received. After making comparison with other financing companies and bank, he was interested to use BFI's financing service to procure two units of vehicles for daily operation to support the foundation he manages. Until today, he has proposed refinancing application to BFI for seven times for the procurement of four-wheeler units. Mr. Paulus really loves the quality of BFI's service. The marketing staff is always ready to visit him to provide more explanation on BFI's financing products. In addition to being on time, employees BFI is also friendly and amusing. They try to approach customers in a family-like way, yet still professional. The application process and financing disbursement at BFI is fast, not complex and complicated. Such quality performance of the Company is what makes Mr. Paulus prefers BFI to the other companies. He has the opinion that BFI is far better with the other financing companies.

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