Property Financing

Financing of purchasing used and new property both for personal or business use with financing period of 5 years and floating rate.

Documents Property Financing
Loan application form
Copy of personal and spouse IDs
Copy of Family Card
Copy of Marriage Certificate (if already married)
Copy of Tax Identification Number (NPWP)
Copy of Property Tax (PBB) certificates for the last 2 years / electricity bills for the last 6 months  
Copy of bank account statement / checking account for the last 3 months
Revenue recapitulations (receipts/copy of credits/sale notes) for the last 3 months
Original payroll slips of the last 3 months / current Income Tax Payable (SPPT)
Copy of Business Trade License (SIUP) / Company Registration Certificate (TDP) / current Income Tax Payable (SPPT)  
Copy of business practice license / professional certification  
Copy of Deed of Establishment and Deed of Amendment  
Copy of Legitimization Certificate from Ministry of Law and Human Rights  
Copy of Commissioner and Director’s IDs