Heavy Equipment, Trucks, and Machineries Financing

PT BFI Finance Indonesia provide investment financing facility to finance all types of new and used capital goods, but can also be the working capital financing in sale and leaseback mechanism.


Type of capital goods financed by PT. BFI Finance Indonesia include:

  • Heavy Equipment

Financing heavy equipment for various industrial sectors (Construction, Agribusiness, Agriculture, Oil / Gas, Mining, Ports, Aviation and Tourism) that uses various types of heavy equipment in the operations of his, such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes, heavy trucks, forklifts , and others.

  • Truck

Financing a truck, we can finance various types of trucks used in various business sectors, such as tank trucks, cargo, dump, trailer, low-bed, flat-deck, and others.

  • Digital Printing and Printing Machine

As one of the major players in the printing Industry in Indonesia, we have a wide network of cooperation with suppliers selling digital printing machines and printing machines. Financing various types of printing machines that are used both in the process of printing and printing machine supporting.

  • Industrial Machinery

Funding in some business sectors to support production, such as machinery cnc, blowing and molding machines, spinning machines, embroidery machines, textile machinery, garment machinery, generators and other industrial machinery.

  • Medical Devices

Healthcare Equipment Financing is a financing facility to Hospitals, Clinics, Physician Specialist to invest in the purchase of medical equipment such as X-ray, Dental Chair, Citiscan, MRI and others.

Documents Heavy Equipment, Trucks, and Machineries Financing
Loan application form
Copy of personal and spouse IDs  
Copy of Marriage Certificate (if already married)  
Copy of Family Card  
Copy of Tax Identification Number (NPWP)
Copy of Property Tax (PBB) certificates for the last 2 years / electricity bills for the last 6 months
Copy of bank account statement / checking account for the last 3 months
Revenue recapitulations (receipts/copy of credits/sale notes) for the last 3 months    
Original payroll slips of the last 3 months / current Income Tax Payable (SPPT)  
Copy of Business Trade License (SIUP) / Company Registration Certificate (TDP) / current Income Tax Payable (SPPT)  
Copy of business practice license / professional certification    
Copy of Deed of Establishment and Deed of Amendment  
Copy of Legitimization Certificate from Ministry of Law and Human Rights  
Copy of Commissioner and Director’s IDs