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Get lots of benefits if you use BFI Finance financing

Interest starts from 0.9% flat per month

Credit starts from 10 million rupiah

12 - 48 months tenor

2 days processing time

Throughout Indonesia except Aceh

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Owner of Agricultural products, building and lodging shops in Parigi

Get many benefits through capital financing from BFI Finance

Get many benefits through capital financing from BFI Finance

Submission of online form filling

Confirmation by the Call Center


Disbursement of funds

BPKB Car Guaranteed Financing Information

BFI Finance accepts collateral in the form of a car BPKB

Self Profile            

  • Indonesian Citizen
  • Age 21 - 65 years old or already married
  • Have own income
  • Based in Indonesia

Vehicle Profile            

  • The car is a self-owned vehicle with the original ownership certificate 
  • Ownership certificate can be on its own behalf & on behalf of others 
  • Max. vehicle age is 15 years old for sedan, jeep and minibus types 
  • Max. vehicle age is 10 years old for pick up & truck types
  • Vehicle should be black or yellow plate            

Non-eligible Condition            

  • Red plate            
  • Used taxi and ambulance 
  • Have a business / profession that violates the law


The completeness of the documents required for filing a motor vehicle financing is as follows

Dokumen Persyaratan Pendukung




Fotokopi KTP/SIM/paspor pemohon

Fotokopi KTP/SIM/paspor pasangan (jika menikah)

Fotokopi kartu keluarga

Fotokopi akta nikah (jika menikah)

Fotokopi PBB 2 tahun terakhir/rekening listrik 6 bulan terakhir (salah satu bulan saja)

Fotokopi buku tabungan/rekening koran 3 bulan terakhir

Slip asli gaji 3 bulan terakhir (salah satu bulan saja)



Fotokopi NPWP

Dokumen asli BPKB dan kelengkapannya

Fotokopi STNK dan lembar pajak berlaku

Fotokopi izin praktik



Fotokopi SIUP/TDP/akta perusahaan/izin usaha



The following is a competitive installment scheme for proposing financing with a car BPKB guarantee :

Flat interest per month

Starting from 0.9%

Interest Rate per Year

Starting from 11.5% (according to asset conditions and completeness of documents)

Loan Minimum

10 Millions


12 - 48 Bulan

Work process            

2 Days


All of Indonesia, except Aceh

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