Waste Management to Improve Human Resources Quality Through Healthy & Clean Environment

21 Dec 2018

Yogyakarta, December 21, 2018 – As a multifinance company that continuously committed to contributes positively for the community and environment, PT BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk (BFI Finance) initiates the program to build “Bank Sampah Wira Bintari” (Wira Bintari Waste Bank) in Kampung Bintaran, Wirogunan, Yogyakarta. The program is successfully organized by Regional 10 Team, which consisting of Central Java and Yogyakarta Area.

The formal ceremony wass held on Friday, Desember 21 and attended by Vice Mayor of Yogyakarta, Heroe Poerwadi, Head of Non-Bank Industry Sector, Capital Market & Education of Consumer Protection (EPK) of Financial Services Authority (OJK), Noor Hafid.

Through the existence of the Waste Bank that inaugurated by BFI Finance’s Regional Manager for Central Java & Yogyakarta,Rachmadi, the Company is hoping that this action will educate people in the are on how to implement go-green lifestyle through waste management that sourced from households in the surrounding areas. The community is excitingly participating in the ceremony, including Zumba and painting the areas of their neighborhood. 

Together, we encourage you to build a healthy family with excellent quality environment for a better future.

BFI Finance team is taking picture with the local authorities


Healthy morning Zumba with the community


BFI Finance’s employees are painting the neighborhood


BFI Finance’s employees taking picture with the Vice Mayor of Yogyakarta
and a representative of OJK

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