BFI Finance’s Real Concern for the National Education Advancement

19 Dec 2018

South Tangerang, Desember 19, 2018 – As part of real contributions from PT BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk (BFI Finance) to actualize its vision to enhance people’s standard of living, the Company now launches the cooperation with PT Haruka Evolusi Digital Utama (HarukaEDU), a start-up company focusing on e-learning development for universities.

This collaboration gives the opportunity for people to enroll to the higher education and enhance their self-competency through “BFI Education” from BFI Finance, a financing program that facilitates students to pay installment of tuition fees for those who utilize a platform called “Pintaria”, an education portal of HarukaEDU. Here, the students are following the blended learning approach on Pintaria’s system, thus they can do both e-learning and interaction with lectures and fellows as if they attend physical classroom.

Yefta Bramiana, Business Development Head of BFI Finance, signs the agreement with Novistiar Rustandi, CEO of HarukaEDU and Pintaria, held at Bintaro, South Tangerang, on December 19.

Human resources quality improvement is critical in the middle of education era of 4.0 with special characteristic of technology development that emphasizes digitalization, artificial, virtual, and global scale. In order to adapt in this era, everyone should own the equal opportunity in education and wider access to reach it. BFI Education offers the right solution for those who make plan of their education funding needs.

To spread positive energy, BFI Finance creates a special program to share the information and to discuss current issues named “Mimbar Baca” (Reading Forum). The activity is held at Salihara Community Center (26/11) and attended by lecturers, teachers, college and high school students from universities around Greater Jakarta area.

Muhammad Mukhlis from Cahaya Guru Foundation and Rizqy Rahmat Hani from the Campus of Guru Cikal deliver the ideas of challenges and opportunities in the education sector to fit in the rapid information age with no boundaries. Hosted by Sara Wayne, a TV presenter, Yefta Bramiana also explains BFI Finance’s contribution to support education advancement in Indonesia through BFI Education. For further information, visit

(right to left) Yefta Bramiana (Business Development Head of BFI Finance) with
Novistiar Rustandi (CEO of HarukaEDU & Pintaria) and
Zaneti Sugiharti (HarukaEDU’s Head of Marketing)


Press conference of BFI Finance and HarukaEDU’s signing ceremony


Yefta Bramiana in “Mimbar Baca” (Reading Forum) discussion session

Interview session with the media

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