BFI RUN 2019 Conquered Gold Coast Marathon

07 Jul 2019

Gold Coast, July 7, 2019 - Ten selected participants from the Half Marathon (HM) category of BFI RUN 2019 were so excited about setting foot on the Gold Coast, Australia. No tired faces were seen despite almost 17 hours of flight from Jakarta on July 4. In fact, they have the opportunity to join the Gold Coast Marathon 2019 as part of the prize of the Gold Coast Marathon Challenge Package (GCMC) from race hosted by PT BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk (BFI Finance); BFI RUN 2019.

The ten HM BFI RUN 2019 runners have prepared their physical and mental conditions far before the event, including two of those who were the first-timers in the marathon group. They competed with 1,500 participants from 50 other countries to conquer the 42 km race. In the midst of around 22 degrees Celsius of cool temperature, they were challenged by drops of rain and coastal stiff wind, whereas the sky was bright and sunny before. However, they managed to finish the race and cheered in high spirits upon arriving at the finish line.

Undoubtedly, the real winners are those who are able to conquer themselves and always learn from experience. Congratulations for all the GCM Frontrunners! Want to see other fun photos? Please directly visit the official BFI RUN Instagram account @bfirun_id.

Sudjono, Finance Director of BFI Finance (fourth from left)
saw off GCMC winners to Australia (4/7)


Posing at Gold Coast Airport (5/7)


Taking race packs at Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre (5/7)


Practice around Gold Coast area


Joyful faces before race day (7/7)

The GCM Frontrunners after completing the full marathon race. Congratulations!

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