BFI Finance Invites an Implementation of Healthy Lifestyle from Early Age

08 Dec 2018

South Tangerang, December 8, 2018 – PT BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk (BFI Finance) invites the students of SDN Lengkong Wetan 1 and SDN Lengkong Wetan 2 in North Serpong to implement a healthy lifestyle by hydroponics gardening. This farming system without soil has become popular and BFI Finance invites the students to play and learn on how to do it in an easy way.

Through the “BFI 4 U” Program, a team called From Us to Us gives an environmental education concerning hydroponics mini garden to the students for eight weeks. The enthusiastic students learn to do hydroponics gardening step-by-step, starting from the phase of preparation, seedbed and nursery, planting, preserving, to harvesting.

Besides the hydroponics education to the students, Team From Us to Us also educates the parents regarding the importance of healthy meals for families by inviting Siti Hadianti, S.Gz., as the keynote speaker. Not only sharing the knowledge on healthy foods, the parents also receive a briefing on how to make vegetable juice as a variation of healthy food for their children.

In a healthy body, lies a healthy mind. A healthy lifestyle starts at home and family with simple steps. Together with BFI Finance, we can create healthy families to build a better Indonesia.

Hydroponics education for the students


The nursery stage


The stages of transfer of seedlings and seeding to the hydroponics medium

Education of healthy foods for the parents of students

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