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02 Mar 2019 | Category : Events
ROAD TO BFI RUN 2019: More Prepared for the Race Approaching April 7

Just a month to go to BFI RUN 2019 that will take place on April 7 at Aeon Mall BSD City, Tangerang Selatan.

22 Feb 2019 | Category : News
BFI Finance Won the Indonesia Digital Innovation Award 2019 from Warta Ekonomi

Through a sharia business unit known as BFI Finance Syariah, BFI Finance received the "Indonesia Digital Innovation Award 2019" from Warta Ekonomi.

09 Feb 2019 | Category : Events
BFI Srikandi, Financing Program For Indonesian Women

Srikandi program is a financing and inclusive financial services program for women aimed to facilitate women to have access and ample room for acceleration in order to develop their potential in the business industry.

27 Jan 2019 | Category : Events
ROAD TO BFI RUN 2019: Sharing The Race Tips For Surabaya Runners

Road to BFI RUN 2019 meets Surabaya people with the run clinic agenda themed “Build Your Running Performance”

25 Jan 2019 | Category : News
BFI Finance Gets the Highest-Rank of Indonesia Millennials Top Brand Award 2019 by Warta Ekonomi

BFI Finance has successfully marked its first achievement for being acknowledged as the “1st Millennial's Choice in Vehicle Financing Product Category” in “Indonesia Millennial’s Top Brand Award 2019”

24 Jan 2019 | Category : News
Media Visits of BFI Finance, Strengthening Relationships with Kompas & Bisnis Indonesia

BFI Finance has arranged the media visit which is held at the editorial office of Kompas Daily and Bisnis Indonesia