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15 Feb 2020 | Category : Events
BFI Finance Echoes Healthy Lifestyle Campaign through BFI Ride

Being a company that cares about superior generation, PT BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk (BFI Finance) called on communities to apply healthy lifestyle through the “BFI Ride 2020” event in South Tangerang (Feb. 15).

03 Feb 2020 | Category : Activities
A Comfortable Educational Process for Pioneering Achievements

Entering the year of 2020, PT BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk (BFI Finance) consistently gave active contribution to education in Indonesia.

18 Jan 2020 | Category : Activities
BFI Finance Improves The Quality of Next Generation

PT BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk (BFI Finance) continuously improves the quality of next generation through education by building and renovating school infrastructure.

16 Jan 2020 | Category : News
BFI Finance Inaugurates Clean Water Supply Facility for Hundreds of Families in Central Sulawesi

BFI Finance inaugurates clean water supply facility to meet the needs of around 300 families to be used for public facilities, such as mosques and schools, in Sigi Regency and Palu City.

01 Jan 2020 | Category : News
BFI4U 2019: Nurturing Care & Sharing Spirit

BFI Finance has an established "BFI4U" program that has been running since 2018 up to now.

01 Jan 2020 | Category : News
Encouraging Healthy Living To People, BFI Finance Builds Sanitation Facilities

The availability of sanitation facilities in our daily activities is absolutely necessary to live a healthy life.