Transparency of Procurement of Goods and Services System

Principles and Policies
The Companys's procurement procedure is conducted in accordance with good corporate governance, ensuring a fast and transparent practice while avoiding any conflict of interest. To this end, the Company always adheres to the honesty and independency principles when engaging with any parties involved in the procurement process, both directly and indirectly. Furthermore, the procedure is also conducted by upholding our core values that emphasize on performance, character and work motivation.

Procedures of Procurement
The Company ensures a process optimization in procurement procedure as an effort to create efficiency and effectiveness in business while enhancing the quality and reliability of operations under the Logistic Department. This department has the complete authority and responsibility for the entire procurement process.
The process of procurement starts with planning, followed by purchase, receipt, storage, usage and asset management; which is initially submitted by the related working unit for review and approval to the Logistic Working Unit.

Procurement System
The procurement process is conducted in a transparent and competitive manner, which involves prequalified prospective vendors who meet the Company's quality standard. In addition to the aforementioned procurement procedure, the Company also has several alternative procurement methods in the forms of auction, direct appointment, direct purchasing, and so forth.