Scholarship Program

Registration is now closed


BFI's Bachelor-Degree Scholarships Program has been running since 2004. This scholarship program is one of the manifestations of the Company's commitment to support the development of education in Indonesia, particularly for university students.



The 2016 Scholarships Application is already closed.
Click here to see the announcement of the 2016 Bachelor-Degree Scholarships recipients.


  • University students - both male and female - all major (preferably from the Economic Faculty - all programs), currently studying in the 4th - 8th semester
  • Minimum GPA of 3.00 from the scale of 4.00 for the last 3 (three) semesters in a row
  • Currently not receiving any scholarships from other institutions


BFI's Bachelor-Degree Scholarship is a scholarship with Work Guarantee.
The recipients of the scholarship is entitled to receive full payment of compulsory tuition fees, allowance and other incentives up to the end of their education period. After finishing the education, the recipients will become a participant in the Management Trainee Program (MTP).


  • Work guarantee after finishing the study
  • Payment of the entire tuition fees starting from the semester funded by the scholarship up to the 9th semester
  • Payment of the fee for thesis/final semester project
  • Allowance per semester
  • Additional incentives for those who earn certain GPA
  • An opportunity to become an intern at BFI


When will BFI start opening the Bachelor-Degree Scholarships Program online registration?
The online registration will be announced at college bulletin board, social media and website of BFI.

What is the registration procedure of the Bachelor-Degree Scholarships Program?
First, fill in the online form at BFI website. Second, follow the selection tests and interviews. The selection results will be announced to the candidates through SMS and BFI website.

What is the requirement for the Bachelor-Degree Scholarships Program registration?
You need to upload copy of your ID and 3x4-size digital photo with .jpeg format to the online form at BFI website.

Can I still apply if my campus is not listed on the BFI list of partner universities?
Yes. The BFI's Bachelor-Degree Scholarships Program is available for all faculty students from universities across Indonesia.

What is the maximum size of the document for the online scholarships form?
The maximum document size is 300 KB.