CSR Vision, Mission and Policy

CSR Vision

To become a partner in significantly enhancing the community’s life quality and welfare by maintaining the balance of 3P (Profit, People, Planet) and to build harmonious relationship between the Government, Corporation and Community.

CSR Mission

  • To eliminate socio-economic retardation in accordance to the Company’s capacity and capability
  • To participate in upgrading the quality of basic education and higher learning
  • To empower low income families in building basic homes and other infrastructure
  • To provide a delivery channel for small enterprises
  • To implement the ways of conserving energy in daily business routines


CSR Policy


All levels inside and outside the Company think, feel, and be aware of social issues existing in the internal and external environment of the Company. It is a form of self-reasoning and self-awareness of all activites that took place in the surrounding environment, as well as thinking how to actively participate in those activities.


All levels inside and outside the Company act and help to provide and actualize solutions for the aforementioned issues. It is a form of real actions of self as the result of active thinking and participation in the surrounding environment.

The results of implementation and real acts are maintained and performed continuously by all levels in the Company. It is an actual and continuous performance which will generate positive achievement in due coure.