Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the Company’s commitment to give back to the community and to improve the lives of those around us. 

21 Dec 2018 | Category : Environment
Waste Management to Improve Human Resources Quality Through Healthy & Clean Environment

BFI Finance initiates the program to build “Bank Sampah Wira Bintari” (Wira Bintari Waste Bank) in Kampung Bintaran, Wirogunan, Yogyakarta.

08 Dec 2018 | Category : Social and Community Development
BFI Finance Invites an Implementation of Healthy Lifestyle from Early Age

BFI Finance invites the students of SDN Lengkong Wetan 1 and SDN Lengkong Wetan 2 in North Serpong to implement a healthy lifestyle by hydroponics gardening

02 Dec 2018 | Category : Social and Community Development
To Improve Quality from an Early Age, BFI Finance Builds a Learning House for PAUD in Serpong

BFI Finance contributes by renovating the infrastructure of PAUD Post and organizes workshops in Babakan Village, Serpong.

24 Nov 2018 | Category : Social and Community Development
The BFI 4 U Movement of BFI Finance Inaugurates a New Computer Classroom in Madrasah Aliyah Ibnu Iwang, Daru Village, Tangerang Regency

The “BFI 4 U” Movement which is a collaboration between Human Capital (HC) Department, CSR Unit, and Marketing Communications (MarComm) Department, started in mid-September 2018

23 Nov 2018 | Category : Environment
BFI Finance Campaigns Environmental Care through Discussion of Plastic Waste Management

One of the teams from the “BFI 4 U” Program called Avengers for Humanity Team organizes an educative discussion event themed “Between Us, Plastic, and the Environment”

22 Nov 2018 | Category : Social and Community Development
BFI Finance Supports Education Improvement In Bekasi And North Bolaang Mongondow

As one of its corporate social responsibility implementation which focus on the education for children, BFI Finance from the Region 12 – West Java 2 and Region 15 – Sulawesi 2