Audit Committee

Chairman : Emmy Yuhassarie
Members : Friso Palilingan
  : Edy Sugito


Risk Management Committee

Chairman : Johanes Sutrisno 
Members : Jono Effendy


Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Chairman : Alfonso Napitupulu
Members : Sunata Tjiterosampurno 
  : Priyambodo





Duties and Responsibilities of the Risk Management Committee

  • Evaluate the risk management policies and practices adopted in managing the risk, which relates to changes in business environment and risk parameters;
  • Review identification of risk profile by Risk Management and preview the criteria of the maximum tolerable limit of risk in market, credit, treasury and operation;
  • Ensure the business activities are within the accepted risk parameters; and
  • Review analysis conducted by the Risk Management Committee concerning the external and internal factors that have potential risk for the Company in achieving the goal and objectives that have been set.